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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Colorado?  The University of Chicago Alumni Club of Colorado is a community of UChicago alumni, parents, and friends living in Colorado.  Please learn more about our mission in the “About Us” tab above. 
How do I join the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Colorado?  You do not have to do anything - you are already a member. Anyone who has matriculated at and/or attended the university as a student, or is a current or former member of its faculty is a member of the Colorado Club as long as he or she resides in Colorado. Parents of current College students are also invited to participate in local programming and build their community.
What can I do on  This is your one-stop alumni shop! Here you can connect with other alumni, update your information with the University, register for local events, and read about the experiences of other UChicagoans. Consider this the hub of UChicago alumni activity in the Colorado area.
How do I attend events?  You can register for events directly through the website. Our upcoming events are listed in the “Events” tab above.
How is the event schedule put together?  We try to present a diverse array of events - young alumni events, career and networking events, cultural outings, family-oriented events and everything in between. These events are organized by volunteers who choose topics that are interesting to them, and they hope will be interesting to you. We always welcome suggestions for events, but even more than that we welcome volunteers to plan them. 

How can I get more involved in the Colorado Club?  We are always seeking new members with ideas for activities or who want to take a role in our local alumni community. If you want to share ideas or vision for the Colorado Club or want to help with upcoming events, please contact our club president, Anna Nicotera, at